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Offering plant-based, organic skincare solutions tailored for sensitive and problem-prone skin.

We aimed to revamp the existing brand identity, packaging and social media presence of Naturekiss’d Hair & Skin. The initial logo faced challenges in adaptability, it lacked the flexibility to be used across a range of platforms such as print, social media, and most importantly, on the product packaging itself. This limitation hindered brand consistency and diluted its impact. Therefore, the initiative sought to rectify these issues by creating a more versatile logo.

Additionally, the project aimed to bring the brand’s visual elements in line with its core ethos, which focuses on natural, organic solutions for skincare. By resolving these challenges, the new identity now more authentically represents the brand’s commitment to purity, organic ingredients, and effectiveness in treating sensitive and problem-prone skin.

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“Working with Digital Bear Design is like having a first class branding team by your side. Nicole has a brilliant process for turning your initial concept into a great design, and is very good at communicating each step so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the process. She takes great care to understand your brand’s core values so that these are reflected in the overall design, and she’ll go the extra mile to make you’re 100% happy with everything. I’m delighted with my new branding and packaging, and Digital Bear Design will be my go to person for anything design-related from now on.

Mary Cummings


To better represent the brand’s commitment to natural, organic skincare, the logo was simplified by removing additional elements such as leaves and vines. The new, streamlined design now better suits a variety of platforms, from print to social media. The packaging also underwent a significant transformation.

Previously, the logo was tucked away with a coloured strip on the side, and the product information was not easily visible. We decided to adopt a straightforward, information-centric approach, removing any distracting illustrations and moved the logo to a front facing view. This new packaging strategy ensures clarity about what the product is, adhering to the brand’s values of transparency and no-nonsense effectiveness.


Post-rebranding, Naturekiss’d Hair & Skin’s newly designed packaging not only aligns seamlessly with the brand’s natural and organic ethos but is also highly functional, aiding consumers in quickly and easily identifying the product. The revamped logo’s adaptability across various platforms has enhanced the brand’s overall versatility, enabling a more unified and effective marketing approach.

In a testament to the rebrand’s success, the Renew Moisturising Oil earned a Silver Award in the Top Santé Skincare Awards. Moreover, the enhanced brand image and recognition have allowed Naturekiss’d Hair & Skin to confidently raise its product prices without negatively impacting customer loyalty.

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Award-winning packaging

Before the rebrand, the founder of Naturekiss’d Hair & Skin had aspired to win skincare awards but was held back by the limitations of the original packaging. After implementing the new design, she reapplied for industry awards and triumphed, securing a Silver Award for the Renew Moisturising Oil in the Top Santé Skincare Awards. This win not only validates the product’s quality but also promotes the positive impact of the rebranding on the brand’s credibility and recognition.

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