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Accounting On You (AOY) required a full-scale rebrand, encompassing a refreshed logo, website, and social media profiles. The former brand identity was inadequate in capturing the company’s ethos and failed to attract the target audience. The rebrand aimed to modernise the visual and functional aspects of AOY, aligning them more closely with its mission of offering high-quality, affordable services specifically designed for online businesses.

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The rebranding of Accounting On You (AOY) was a full transformation, moving from an outdated look with peach and orange tones to a refreshed, modern aesthetic featuring lilac and lime green. The new logo is notably distinct, incorporating a unique “a” that includes an arrow, symbolising the company’s commitment to direction, improvement, and increased profitability. The loop in the “a” serves as a playful yet professional replacement for the original smiley face, keeping the brand fun without sacrificing professionalism. This loop motif is consistently applied across the brand identity, reinforcing the playful aspect.

Alongside these visual changes, AOY’s website was entirely revamped. The updated design adopts a contemporary aesthetic, mirroring the company’s focus on providing affordable and comprehensive accounting services. This was not merely a visual facelift but a strategic realignment with AOY’s core objectives and target market.


Following the rebrand, Accounting On You refreshed its social media content to align with the new modern look and feel. This resulted in consistent engagement from new online businesses. The updated online presence not only maintained the attention of existing followers but also drew in new potential clients. 

Additionally, there has been an increase in sign-ups for Accounting On You’s various accounting packages, further validating the effectiveness of the rebrand.

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